- Part II -

Get the best of your picture

From the analysis of millions of pictures from OkCupid and some adds up gleaned from other apps, here are the most successful types of pictures in order to get and retain attention.


One stone, two guys (or more)

Instead of scrolling your library down to 2009 to get your best shot - take a selfie! Not just any kind of selfie, the MySpace angle with your eyes flirting directly into the camera actually scores the highest.

Other catchiest shots are in bed, to stimulate imaginative minds. Don’t get naked though, we said stimulation, not erection.

Outdoors pictures stand for the third best option.


Beard, muscles and guitare,

a winning combination

Keep in mind that in terms of pictures, women’s tastes differ from men’s. 

Sorry for smooth-faces, the current trend is favouring werewolves. 

If you have no hope of getting the lumberjack look anytime soon, you can still play the animal card. Who could have believed it, but yes, animal pictures score the highest. After all aren’t dogs men’s best friends…? If no dog, a shot with a tiger or zebra could do too.

The second kind of winning pics is, as you may guess, the show-off-your-muscles type. If you don’t play in that category, don’t get overdressed as sophisticated outfits fare poorly. A simple T-shirt should do much better. 

Doing something interesting, such as playing an instrument or talking at a conference also attracts attention.  

If none of the above applies to you, you can still display a picture where you are having fun with friends. But please don’t use it as your main profile picture, it’s tiresome to guess which of the dudes around the table is actually you.

Selfie or not selfie?

Ladies and gentlemen tips

As selfies have become incredibly popular, it’s worth mentioning that their attraction levels are not similar for both genders. 

What's Next?

The next chapter will help you make the best of your profile description by analysing what the most successful ones have in common.

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