- Part III - 

Pump your profile description 

If the pictures are your main hook, a well thought description could tip the balance in your favour. Don’t neglect that extra chance to get your message through by leaving the space empty. 


Forget what you thought you knew

As a rule of thumb, men prefer:

Against all odds, men in general prefer the working woman type to the outrageously sexy one. If you have a graduate degree or your job is interesting, a subtle mention should increase your chances by 6%. 

I drink to look more interesting

Today’s coolitude standards statistically imply that it’s better to show that you can handle a drink or two. It proves that you are sociable and somehow accessible. Why not add a line about your favourite wine or liquor, who knows it could even spark a conversation. Don’t start a list though, one is enough!


You thought the bad guy could get them all? You were wrong! Stats show the villain gets less than half the affection the nice guy does. If you’re not a good guy whatsoever, playing it hot and cold is the second most successful strategy. 

A girl's choice:

The ideal description would show a bad guy’s confidence, and a sweet guy’s understanding, as in “Going out with my mates is fine, but a dinner with a lovely lady is a perfectly acceptable alternative”.

If you are after a casual hook up, don’t mention it. Forget the “looking for fun only”, you would slash your chances by half. 


Check your spelling!

Two mistakes would reduce your chances of getting an answer by 14%.

What's Next?

The next chapter will help you make the best of your openers by analysing which ones score the highest on dating apps.

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