- Part IV -

Opening Lines

 Enough of the Traditional «What Do You Do?»

and «Where Do You Come From?»

You’ve matched, congrats! Now it’s time to show your wits with a clever and original opening. But first, some practical considerations…

The 6 Hours Window

We’ve learned in high school that answering too quickly to a message is displaying way too much interest. However with Whatsapp and Facebook showing the last time you were online, caution can quickly turn to disrespect. On dating apps, the acceptable delay to formulate an answer is before 6 hours for a woman to a man. Women are more patient as with a similar delay, men loose little of their chance of getting a reply.

An Efficient Start

The best opening line for both sexes is:

It’s light while giving you the opportunity to get insights on your match’s personality. It also helps you starting a conversation outside of the traditional “where do you come from and what do you do?”.

Positive Attitude

Between your neurasthenic boss and your once again dumped best friend, I understand your mood may not always be singing Disney melodies. Don’t forget however that people on dating apps also have to deal with their own problems. Stay positive, fun is part of the game. Use words associated with laughing like 'haha' and 'lol' and you’ll gain an extra 17% chance of getting a phone number.


... saying sorry in your opening line – it would dramatically reduce your chances of getting onto the next stage

Time to have a look at gender defined strategies!


Crystal Clear

Be confident and clear. Avoid ambiguous statements such as “Maybe I could be free on Sunday, if so, would you like to do something?”. Assertive messages and straightforward invitations work out best.


Because Food Matters

Strangely enough, women are more likely to answer if the message is somehow related to food. Try something around:

If you want to enjoy a bit of diversity, instead of using gender preferences, have a go at the best scoring opening lines by age. 

Brain Before Body

One day or another, we’ve all dated that sublime creature with whom we had unfortunately nothing in common. If it may not matter at first, it gets boring after a short while.

You already know he or she finds you attractive as you’ve matched. What to do next is up to you but maybe it's time to get the most of your now updated opening lines to check if you actually share anything at all. You don’t want to get into another date where you have to desperately squeeze your brain to keep the ball rolling, do you?

What's Next?

The next chapter will help you make the best of your first date by applying simple tricks.

If you think you don't need to improve on that side, have a look at how to choose your best picture, how to pimp your description or go back to the intro.

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