- Part V -

Get What You Came for 

Ladies and gentlemen tips

When Beer Makes Everything Better

Fancy an horizontal mombo session on your first date? You should ask if she / he likes beer. No matter their gender or orientation, apparently beer-lovers are more likely to sleep with someone they've just met. It doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to fornicate, but it doesn’t cost much to ask ...

A Perfect Match

Wonder if your relationship could last? Ask your date and yoursellf:

1 out of 3 successful couples agreed on all 3 questions

which is almost 4 times the rate of simple coincidence

Before You Go...

There's no Time but the Right Time

Activity on Tinder begins to heat up around 6 p.m. most days and peaks at 9 p.m. After 10 p.m, your chance of finding someone to hook up with crashes, with only 6% of users swiping. Only 1% of users are still online after 2 a.m.

Put Your Feet in the Right Place

Which app should you use if you’re after a long term relationship?

What's Next?

No one else but you can write the next chapter. You now have all you need to succeed, or at least improve in your quest.

Good luck, or should I say, good optimised luck! 

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