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We have a range of documentation available, and we also offer on site trainings, workshops and conferences. Contact us. 

datacrunchies dating with data marchand.

Dating with Data: How I used Data to succeed in the Dating world


storytelling key data.jpeg

Unlock the meaning of data

Storytelling Tips

improve storytelling infographic datacru

A simple decision tree to help you create stories

Storytelling Tips Infographic

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Data, from a boring dataset to a social media hit

Case study

data journalism datacrunchies.png

We authored: A guide to Data Journalism

Book extract

Data visualisation presentation datacrun

A short guide to data storytelling

Storytelling Tips

data journalism datacrunchies publicatio

We authored: Data Journalism for Marketing

Book extract

datacrunchies data visualisation trainin

Simple steps for efficient dataviz

Data visualisation Tips

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