Isabelle Marchand has 10 years experience in data, data journalism and marketing. She has produced data visualisations for companies such as The World Bank, Dropbox, the Ford Motor Company, Sainsbury's and Lloyds Banking Group.

She is passionate about data visualisation and has co-authored few books on the topic. She is a regular speaker at data events such as the Amsterdam Innovation Summit, Data Fest or Data Summit.

When not trying to convince everyone of the power of data journalism, she likes browsing kitten pictures, like everyone else.


Kit Kyte is a former elite military officer in the Gurkhas and a highly successful business leader in the digital technology industry.  He brings over 16 years of experience as a leadership and transformational change expert with commercial specialisation in enterprise business development, digital transformation and data integration.  He has a maniacal focus on the customer and is passionate about insights and storytelling.

When not on duty he can normally be found outdoors either suffering his way round another ultra race or talking a big game about doing so.